A Simple Gesture

Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

How it works

You Want to Help - We Want to Make it Easy

A Simple Gesture is a door-to-door food collection program.

This is all you have to do:

Press the "Sign up" button below and fill out the form.

We will bring a cool, green bag to your house. The tag hanging on the straps tell you when the pick-ups are for the year and what foods are best to buy.

Each week when you go shopping buy one extra non-perishable food item. Store it in the cool, green bag.

A week before pickup we will send you an email or post card telling you to place the bag outside on the pick-up date.

We will come by in the morning, pick up the bag, and leave another cool, green bag in its place.

Your bag will be taken and that same day will be placed in area food pantries.

If you won’t be home just call us at (530) 876-8448; we’ll arrange to pick up your food the next week.

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