A Simple Gesture

Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

A Simple Gesture joins with Curves International

Once a year Curves International runs a promotion for new membership. In March you could join Curves in Paradise by bringing in a grocery bag of food.


A Simple Gesture joined with Curves in Paradise and included members of Curves to bring their cool green bag to Curves to get a chance to win prizes offered by Curves.

The combined promotions brought in a whopping 2800 pounds of non-perishable food which was delivered to our local food pantries.

Thank you Linda Wolff, manager of Curves Paradise and a proud greenbagger and thank you to all the Curves members who brought in theircool green bags in March.

We are so hip

You saw it. We are now on Facebook. We hope caring households in Paradise/Magalia who are Facebook aficionados will visit and sign up to help feed the hungry.


Also we hope other towns will start up their own door to door food collection program. Tell your friends.

And to outdo ourselves we have pinned our cool green bag on Pinterest.com

Oroville Hope Center joins A Simple Gesture

The Oroville Hope Center has started their door-to-door food collection program. Their first pick up date is February 11, 2012. The program is run by the Hope Center and they are calling it A Simple Gesture. Well, thanks.


They have already signed up 290 donors and they have just got started!

The Oroville Hope Center has a very large food pantry; they also serve a hot lunch during the week, have a fabulous clothes closet and counsel those out of work to help them get back on track.

Oroville Hope Center is also helping a new food pantry in Concow/Yankee Hill.

Congratulations to Larry Hayden and all the fine folks at the Oroville Hope Center.

Orland, California joins A Simple Gesture

About a year ago one food pantry (there were two at the time) closed in Orland. It was funded, in part, with federal and state subsidies. It was a victim of the California budget crisis and what to cut.

The remaining food pantry called Orland Food Bank (which is community supported and relies far less on help from outside) asked for and received a presentation on how A Simple Gesture program works.

They love the idea and wanted to use the name, A simple Gesture as it suggests what the program requires from its donors: an act of kindness; a simple gesture of goodwill. They are even using a cool green bag!

Orland is a town of 7300 and believes strongly that they should and must take care of their own. We bet they will prove it in spades with their door to door food collection program called, A Simple gesture. Go to http:\\www.orlandpantry.org

Ocean Park, Washington joins A Simple Gesture


The Ocean Park Food Bank has started their own food collection program. They are using the name, A Simple Gesture for Ocean park Food Bank.

They have ordered their bags and will have their first pick up in October, 2011.

We have no ownership of this program; we merely told them how the program worked, where to get supplies and gave them permission to use the phrase, ‘a simple gesture.’

We wish them well!