A Simple Gesture

Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

Orland, California joins A Simple Gesture

About a year ago one food pantry (there were two at the time) closed in Orland. It was funded, in part, with federal and state subsidies. It was a victim of the California budget crisis and what to cut.

The remaining food pantry called Orland Food Bank (which is community supported and relies far less on help from outside) asked for and received a presentation on how A Simple Gesture program works.

They love the idea and wanted to use the name, A simple Gesture as it suggests what the program requires from its donors: an act of kindness; a simple gesture of goodwill. They are even using a cool green bag!

Orland is a town of 7300 and believes strongly that they should and must take care of their own. We bet they will prove it in spades with their door to door food collection program called, A Simple gesture. Go to http:\\www.orlandpantry.org