A Simple Gesture

Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

Would you, could you like a second bag?

We are gearing up for our October 8, 2011 pick up. About 66 volunteer drivers will go to over 1400 homes to pick up, we hope, 20,000 lbs. of non-perishable food. That afternoon seven food pantries in Paradise and Magalia will have fully stocked shelves to serve the hungry. Sadly we must report that the demand continues to increase. U.S. Census just reported that the poverty level is the worst its been in 30 years and California is worse than the national average and Butte is worse than the state average.

Here’s an idea – if you would like a second green bag, let us know. Just call 876-8448 and we’ll be happy to deliver one to you. Seventy five already have a second bag.

Today one in ten households in Paradise and Magalia have a cool green bag. That is the best. We care and we care about taking care of our own.