A Simple Gesture

Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

Holiday Thoughts of our All American Town

We are the only community that we know of that offers a free lunch to those that are hungry seven days a week. Hunger doesn’t take the weekend off and neither do those that care in Paradise/Magalia.

After seven months we have gone from 1 cool green bag (my wife and I signed up and then we waited) to 1279 households. That’s almost 10%; yes, one in ten households has a cool green bag to help give groceries to those families who are hungry.

And we continue to add new folks every week. We think we can reach 2,000 by this time next year.

Thirty years ago there was a program to declare certain towns All American Cities. We’re not sure how the cities earned that designation, but in 2011 make no mistake about it: Paradise and Magalia are All American Towns! Oh sure we have our squabbles and we admit driving around town can be a little sketchy, but that’s pretty small potatoes. We take care of our own – we feed those that are hungry and we give them dignity and hope. That’s pretty great.