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Sharing Food In Our Community. Serving Paradise and Magalia, California

This is really cool: Magalia Food Pantry

At the very time we were starting the cool green bag program, Carol Danz (teacher, mom, wife and all around doer extraordinaire) was putting together a program to feed the hungry in Magalia.

She is such an overachiever she set up a web site Food for Tummies Food for Thought (fftfft.com) and started talking to anyone who might help. That’s how we were so fortunate to meet Carol.

The cool green bag program has been well received by the good folks of Magalia – about 270 households in Magalia are participating. Starting with our next pick up date in June, the Magalia Food Pantry (thank you Carol) will receive cool green bags from Magalia citizens and given to Magalia citizens in need. Magalia Food Pantry will open June 13, 2011.

We have visited the Magalia Food Pantry site. It is great. If you are interested in helping with this wonderful new food pantry contact Carol through her website or call her at 570-5414.

Thank you Magalia for your great support and thank you Ms. Danz. You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!