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Look What They Are Saying Now

Put it in the cool, green bag

By Christine G.K. LaPado
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This article was published on 06.02.11.

Jonathan and Karen Trivers

Jonathan and Karen Trivers share a light moment while discussing the next move of their nonprofit charity, A Simple Gesture, which provides food to a growing number of people in Paradise and Magalia.

"If we look at the demographics of poverty, the younger the family, the higher the unemployment and, therefore, the higher the rate of poverty," said Jonathan Trivers recently. "The new poor are children and grandchildren."

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We’re big on Biggs, Ca.

Biggs, Ca., a town of 1800 good caring folks are joining the cool green bag brigade. Their first pick-up date is August 13, 2011.

The food pantry is housed in the United Methodist Church and they have the same problem every other food pantry has in the U.S. – they keep running out of food. They can never get a consistent supply of non-perishable food. Enter the cool green bag program.

Their goal is to sign up 20% of their residents. If our meeting is any indication of their future success, they will achieve that number by the end of the year.

So you see why we are big on Biggs

The Cool Green Bag – Radio Interview

radio interview

Jon Trivers Radio Interview – The Cool Green Bag - click the mike to listen

This is really cool: Magalia Food Pantry

At the very time we were starting the cool green bag program, Carol Danz (teacher, mom, wife and all around doer extraordinaire) was putting together a program to feed the hungry in Magalia.

She is such an overachiever she set up a web site Food for Tummies Food for Thought (fftfft.com) and started talking to anyone who might help. That’s how we were so fortunate to meet Carol.

The cool green bag program has been well received by the good folks of Magalia – about 270 households in Magalia are participating. Starting with our next pick up date in June, the Magalia Food Pantry (thank you Carol) will receive cool green bags from Magalia citizens and given to Magalia citizens in need. Magalia Food Pantry will open June 13, 2011.

We have visited the Magalia Food Pantry site. It is great. If you are interested in helping with this wonderful new food pantry contact Carol through her website or call her at 570-5414.

Thank you Magalia for your great support and thank you Ms. Danz. You’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look Who’s Looking at Us

A friend tells a friend (about the cool green bag program) who remarks to a friend somewhere else and someone says, “We can do this.”

We are talking to folks in Gridley/Biggs, Orland, an elementary school in Sacramento, Point Richmond, Ca., Cummings, Georgia and Cincinnati, Ohio. We have promised to train each group and show them how the program works.

By the end of the year we hope at least three of these interested communities will have started their own cool green bag program.

Next week we are talking to Chico Enterprise Record and News. We even sent a packet to Ellen DeGeneres. So far no response.

We’ll keep you posted!