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Go to Maine and take a right. If you get to Iceland, you’ve gone too far.

Why Nova Scotia? Kentville, Nova Scotia is the first city outside of the U.S. that will be implementing the cool green bag program to help feed the hungry in their area.

A good friend of ours, Father Craig Christenson, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church has set June 2, 2011 as the official start up date for their program. It will be called Kings County Cares – alliterative fans will be happy.

Yes, they will use a cool, green bag and they will pick up every other month , just like our program in Paradise/Magalia.

If you have a good friend who lives outside our area that you would like us to send a brochure and talk with we would be happy to do so.

Kentville, Nova Scotia is a town of 8000 (3000 households) and their goal is to sign up 1000 households; any town, any size can help feed their hungry.

Curves: A Cool Green Bagger

You recognize the logo. Curves of Paradise has been a great supporter of the cool green bag food collection program. Linda Wolff, onsite manager, has helped sign up the largest number of green baggers for any business in Paradise. Not surprising.


For over a decade Curves International has come together to help stock the shelves of local food pantries. Last March they collected 4684 pounds of food and donated the entire amount to Help 4 People, one of our community food pantries. This year their food drive occurs in April and their goal is 6000 pounds. If they reach that very difficult goal, A Simple Gesture will pay $1 for every pound they bring to Help 4 people. The members are excited and our guess is that they will meet their goal.

If your not a member of Curves April is your month to join. Curves waives the sign up fee if you bring in a full grocery bag of non-perishable food.

Thanks for great companies like Curves of Paradise the green bag program is doing fine and Curves’ April program confirms the generosity of their members.

Upcoming Presentations

We are on the road telling the great story about the cool green bag.

  • Rotary Club
    • January 6, 2011
  • Exchange Club
    • January 13, 2011
  • AAUW
    • January 24, 2011
  • Lions Club
    • February 15, 2011

If your organization would like to hear about the cool green bag and how it will help feed the hungry in our town, call us at 876-8448. We’re ready!!!!

December 24–224 Green Baggers

Yep, just before Santa left the North Pole, we counted all our new friends who now have a cool, green bag – 224.

Our goal was 100, so have have doubled the pleasure.

Our next goal is 500 by March 1, 2011. That’s going to take some doing.

If you know of a group that would like to hear about our cool green bag, call us at 876-8448.

Thanks for your support!!!!!


First Green baggersJackie and Ray Westbrook were the first people to sign up for A Simple Gesture. Look how happy it makes them. Tell your friends and they too can feel so good about themselves.

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